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ASMP Norcal Presents - RJ Muna Unplugged

ASMP Norcal presents a 50,000 ft. level Pro Event: RJ Muna "Unplugged - An Intimate Evening" on July 31st @ Left Space San Francisco. We'll start @ 2pm with a limited seating portfolio review with RJ and then @ 5pm with first class service of cocktails and hors d'ouevres & limited seating on this flight for the ultimate "Unplugged - Raw" Q&A with RJ.

ASMP Norcal -Soft Focus at the Tied House 954 Villa St. Mt. View; @ 6-8 PM Train & transit nearby.

This is not just an opportunity to mingle, vent, explore, and network… It’s a chance for you to make a stand. You are a vital part of our photographic industry. Here you will meet up with the world's most renowned business men and women from our fair city. Travel the world and be one with your neighbor as their embellished stories take you far away! So rise up, grab a pint, and or beverage of choice, and cheer with your photographic community. Bring you’re A-Game

SURVEY and Letter from Norcal President Nicolo Sertorio

It is Survey time! We want to know how we are doing. We have been working hard to make ASMP Norcal the best for you. Please take time to fill out the survey and read the "Letter from the president"

ASMP Norcal now has a Photoshelter website!

Photoshelter has generously sponsored ASMP Norcal with our own site to share images and video from our events and the like! Thank you Photoshelter! Click the title to head there now . You will also notice a new menu item on the left side of the home page.